Caulfield Cup Results

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2012-Dunaden (Fr.) 1983-Hayai 1955-Rising Fast 1927-Textile 1898-Hymettus
2011-Southern Speed 1982-Gurner’s Lane 1954-Rising Fast 1926-Manfred 1897-Amerite
2010-Descarado 1981-Silver Bounty 1953-My Hero 1925-Whittier 1896-Cremorne
2009-Viewed 1980-Ming Dynasty 1952-Peshawar 1924-Purser 1895-Waterfall
2008-All The Good (Ire.) 1979-Mighty Kingdom 1951-Basha Felika 1923-Wynette 1894-Paris
2007-Master O’Reilly 1978-Taksan 1950-Grey Boots 1922-Whittier 1893-Sainforn
2006-Tawqeet (USA) 1977-Ming Dynasty 1949-Lincoln 1921-Violoncello 1892-Paris
2005-Railings 1976-How Now 1948-Red Fury 1920-Eurythmic 1891-G’Naroo
2004-Elvstroem 1975-Analight 1947-Columnist 1919-Lucknow 1890-Vengeance
2003-Mummify 1974-Leilani 1946-Royal Gem 1918-King Offa 1889-Boz
2002-Northerly 1973-Swell Time 1945-St. Fairy 1917-Bronzetta 1888-Chicago
2001-Ethereal 1972-Sobar 1944-Counsel 1916-Shepherd King 1887-Oakleigh
2000-Diatribe 1971-Gay Icarus 1943-St. Warden (1) 1915-Lavendo 1886-Ben Bolt
1999-Sky Heights 1970-Beer Street 1943-Skipton (2) 1914-Uncle Sam 1885-Grace Darling
1998-Taufan’s Melody (GB) 1969-Big Philou 1942-Tranquil Star 1913-Aurifer 1884-Blink Bonny
1997-Might And Power 1968-Bunratty Castle 1941-Velocity 1912-Uncle Sam 1883-Calma
1996-Arctic Scent 1967-Tobin Bronze 1940-Beaulive 1911-Lady Medalist 1882-Little Jack
1995-Doriemus 1966-Galilee 1939-Rivette 1910-Flavinius 1881-Master Avenel
1994-Paris Lane 1965-Bore Head 1938-Buzalong 1909-Aborigine/Bluebook 1881-Blue Ribbon
1993-Fraar 1964-Yangtze 1937-The Trump 1908-Maranui 1880-Tom Kirk
1992-Mannerism 1963-Sometime 1936-Northwind 1907-Poseidon 1879-Newminster
1991-Let’s Elope 1962-Even Stevens 1935-Palfresco 1906-Poseidon
1990-Sydeston 1961-Summer Fair 1934-Journal 1905-Marvel Loch
1989-Cole Diesel 1960-Ilumquh 1933-Gaine Carrington 1904-Murmur
1988-Imposera 1959-Regal Wench 1932-Rogilla 1903-Sweet Nell
1987-Lord Reims 1958-Sir Blink 1931-Denis Boy 1902-Lieutenant Bill
1986-Mr Lomondy 1957-Tulloch 1930-Amounis 1901-Hymettus
1985-Tristarc 1956-Redcraze 1929-High Syce 1900-Ingliston
1984-Affinity 1955-Rising Fast 1928-Maple 1899-Dewey