SIGN UP BONUS – 6/10 Betfair is the most unique online sportsbetting company in the world in that they are a betting exchange and not your traditional bookmaker. The way the betting exchange on Betfair works is that it allows the punters to bet at odds that have been set by other punters rather than by bookmakers. Betfair allows members to make bets on both winners or losers. Winning bet’s are known as ‘back’ bets while ‘lay’ bets are those on the opposite side of ‘back’. This form of wagering eliminates traditional bookmakers and as such customers at Betfair can often obtain odds at much higher levels than rival online sports betting sites. Betfair was founded by Andrew Black and Edward Wray when they won the prestigious Ernst and Young award for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002. In 2003 the company was also awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, the highest official award for any business in the UK. In 2005 Betfair was awarded a license to operate in Australia by the Tasmanian government and this is where they currently operate out our of for Australian customers. In April 2006 Softbank purchased a 23% share of Betfair valuing the company at over $2 Million AUD. In October 2010 Betfair floated on the London Stock Exchange with the stock symbol of BET and a share price of £13 and a company valuation of $2.2 Billion AUD. When it comes to online sports betting choices, Betfair offers their punters better choices, better odds and better payouts than anyone else on the market.

BETTING OPTIONS – 9/10 When it comes to betting options, Betfair reigns supreme in the online sports betting category simply because of the fact that they offer punters more choices than any other company. The fact that punters can take advantage of the betting exchange means that they will always have the best options and the best odds for any race, sport or event virtually guaranteed. The fact is that punters who use Betfair have been shown to obtain on average a 20% higher payout when compared with odds and payouts offered by the totalisator based in the same state of race meetings across all thoroughbred winners in mainland metro tracks from 1st May 2010 – 31st August 2010. With the betting exchange, Betfair offers punters the best odds and the best choices, but Betfair also has some very good betting options for gamblers as well. Betfair allows their punters to bet with either the exchange or with fixed odds thanks to their deal with Sports Alive.

BACK AND LAY Quite possibly one of the best betting options available to customers at Betfair is the ability for punters to Back or Lay a selection. Quite simply if you don’t think a horse has a chance of winning a race, instead of backing it, you can lay it. When you Lay a horse you have the entire field running for you. The Back Or Lay betting option is available not just for Horse racing but for all sports and betting at Betfair. This unique feature is exclusive to Betfair and one that makes them a great choice for any serious online sports betting punter.

MOBILE BETTING With the rise of the smart phone industry, Betfair have created one of the best mobile betting applications in the business. Betfair Mobile Betting allows their customers to do anything they could normally do from their home computer or from calling Betfair directly. This application is a great betting option for Betfair customers and one that allows you to bet anything, at anytime from anywhere.

LIVE BETTING IN PLAY Another great betting option available to Betfair customers is the ability to bet live in play for specific sports or events. This option allows punters to bet in way’s never before possible, and for popular sports such as betting on AFL or betting on Rugby punters can now bet live during the game on the outcome or next goal scorer. This is another unique betting option for Betfair and gives their punters even more choices to bet on sports.

MULTI’S AND EXOTICS Multi’s are a great way for punters to risk a small amount with the chance to win big payouts. Multi’s are simply multiple bet’s that parlay against each other. For a multi bet to win, all of the bets that the punter backs for that particular multi must win. Multi bets often offer extraordinary payouts for small investments and as such, it is very rare to see these bets come off. Online sports betting site Betfair allows their gamblers to chose up to 20 selections on different sports both regionally in Australia but also internationally as well. With the large amount of betting options for punters at Betfair, it is easy to see why Miller’s Guide has rated Betfair with a very strong 9/10 for Betting Options.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – 7/10 As with any online sportsbetting site, Betfair offers their players a vast array of Payment options when looking to fund their online sports betting accounts. Betfair are serious about offering their players with a wide choice of payment options, and as such Miller’s Guide has rated their Payment options a very strong 7/10.
Here is a list of the payment options available to customers of Betfair:

CASHOUTS – 8/10 A very important factor for punters gambling online is cashouts. Gamblers love winning, but they love collecting and then subsequently spending those winnings even more. It is because of this that Betfair offers their customers with a simple hassle free withdrawal methods. The most popular cash out methods for Betfair are listed below along with relevant information regarding each method.

BANK TRANSFER Betfair customers can request cashouts/withdrawals via direct bank transfers from their Betfair accounts directly into their personal back accounts. This service has a minimum cash out of $20 and usually takes 1-3 working days. Customers who wish to take advantage of the Bank Transfer cashout service will be happy to know that there are no fees for this service.

CREDIT UNION TRANSFER Similar to Bank Transfers, customers at Betfair can also request withdrawals via Credit Union Transfers. Credit Union transfers are the same as Bank Transfers in that customers must request a minimum of $20, however cashouts processed this way may take anywhere from 1-5 working days. There are no fees for withdrawals processed by Betfiar customers that wish to use Credit Union Transfers.

NAB – NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK If you are a NAB customer, then there is good news for you and your Betfair account. Customers who wish to make withdrawals from their Betfair account via the NAB must do with a minimum of $20 and these cash outs are usually have processing times of between 1-3 working days. As with other cash out methods above, this service does not come with any fees for Betfair customers. NETELLER If it’s speed that you are after, then there is good news for anyone who has access to a Neteller account. Cashouts processed via Neteller never take more than 24 hours and are often instantaneous. The minimum amount of these cash outs can be as low as $5AUD and there are also no fees associated with cashouts or withdrawals via Neteller for Betfair customers. MONEYBOOKERS In a similar way to Neteller, Moneybookers offers Betfair customers with a very fast and reliable cash out method with payments usually processed in a matter of minutes and never taking more than 24 hours. There is no minimum cash outs for customers using Moneybookers and there are also no fees associated with withdrawals from Betfair accounts using the Moneybookers service.

SUPPORT – 6/10 Customer service at Betfair is a priority and as such they offer fast and efficient service to all their customers. No matter what the issue, Betfiar customer support is sure to take care of things in a timely manner. Customer service at Betfair is a priority and as such they offer fast and efficient service to all their customers. No matter what the issue, Betfiar customer support is sure to take care of things in a timely manner.
Email – 24 hours Phone Phone – Helpdesk AUS – 1300 BETFAIR (1300 238 324) NZ – 0800 238 324 Telbet AUS – 132 BET (132 238) NZ – 0800 TEL BET (0800 835 238)

SPORTS OFFERED – 8/10 Betfair offers punters a plethora of sports and events to gamble on.
Here is the list of sports offered for punters at Betfair

American Football
Australian Rules Football
Cross Sport Accumulators
Financial Bets
Gaelic Games
Greyhound Racing
Horse Racing
Ice Hockey
Mixed Martial Arts
Motor Sport
Rugby League
Rugby Union
Soccer – Fixtures
Special Bets
Winter Sports