Real Money Poker

Real Money Poker is poker played for real money, simple as that.
While you may have played poker for free or play money in the past, you may now be ready to take the step into the Real Money Poker Arena.
When it comes to learning the rules of poker or gaining an understanding of the betting basics, then playing online poker for free is a great place to start.
You can either play online for free at one of the main online poker sites or you might simply learn to play by playing Facebook poker.
Either way, playing for free is a great way to start your online poker journey.
There will eventually come a time though that you are tired of playing for pretend stacks of millions of virtual chips that you can never ever cash out, and that is when you are ready to play poker for real money.
Making the transition to real money poker does not mean that you need to outlay a large amount of money.
The majority of real money poker games online are in the 1¢-$5 range.
This means that you do not need to play real money poker for large sums of money.
The major difference at the end of the day is that when you play online poker for real money is that the game changes dramatically.
You may find that when you play poker online for free that the players don’t take the game as serious as when they play real money poker.
This is because technically they have nothing to lose. All the have to lose is virtual chips, and most free play poker sites will allow you to simply reload anyway, so this means that you won’t very often find players taking the game too seriously.
If you have done well playing online poker for free, the good news is that you most likely posses all the skills needed to be a successful real money poker player.
What you have to remember is that when players are playing for real money, they will tend to play a lot less hands and moves such as bluffing become much more likely to succeed.
One thing to remember when making the jump into real money poker is to only play within your limits.
If you can play real money poker at levels that won’t affect you too much, then you can slowly progress up the limits until you are comfortable finding a level of real money that you are comfortable with.
You might start out playing micro stakes, (1¢/2¢), yet soon realise that you have no issues playing $1-$2 games online.
When you are ready to take the step into the real money poker world, be sure to check out all the online poker reviews to make sure you find the room that is right for you.