DYE, Shane - 11 ride
Year - mounts Placed Price Weight carried Winner/second Weight Time/track
1999-Tie The Knot 2nd 4-1 58kg Sunline (NZ) 54kg 2:05.40 Good
1998-Tycoon Lil 3rd 11-2 54kg Might And Power (NZ) 58kg 2:03.54 Good
1997-Encounter 4th 9-2 48.5kg Dane Ripper 54.5kg 2:07.65 Good
1996-Anthems 7th 7-1 48.5kg Saintly 57kg 2:06.3 Good
1995-OCTAGONAL (NZ) WON 15-2 48.5kg Mahogany 59kg 2:06.38 Good
1993-Slight Chance (NZ) 7th 30-1 54.5kg The Phantom Chance (NZ) 59kg 2:02.80 Fast
1992-Slight Chance (NZ) 3rd 20-1 46kg cd 46.5kg Super Impose (NZ) 59kg 2:05.50 Good
1991-Dr. Grace (NZ) 8th 20-1 59kg Surfers Paradise (NZ) 57kg 2:03.80 Good
1990-Canny Lad 3rd 11-2 48.5kg Better Loosen Up 59kg 2:01.50 Fast
1989-Courtza (NZ) 10th 8-1 46kg cd 47kg Almaarad (Ire.) 59kg 2:03.20 Good
1986-Ma Chiquita (NZ) 9th 33-1 54.5kg Bonecrusher (NZ) 57kg 2:07.20 Dead