Year Winner colours    

2012-Green Moon: Navy blue, white armbands and cap.
2011-Dunaden: Yellow, blue stars, yellow cap.
2010-Americain: White, blue strip with blue stars. red, white& blue striped sleeves & cap
2009-Shocking: Black. Black & orange checked sash & cap.
2008-Viewed: Black & white check, yellow sleeves, black & white checked cap.
2007-Efficient: Navy, blue, white armbands & cap.
2006-Delta Blues: Black, red crossed sashes, yellow & black striped sleeves, red cap.
2005-Makybe Diva: Royal blue, white stars, red & white checks & checked cap.
2004-Makybe Diva: Royal blue, white stars, red & white checks & checked cap.
2003-Makybe Diva: Royal blue, white stars, red & white checks & checked cap.
2002-Media Puzzle: Yellow, royal blue epaulettes, yellow cap, royal blue star.
2001-Ethereal: Dark blue, white hoops, grey sleeves, blue & white quartered cap.
2000-Brew: Light blue, black sleeves, black cap.
1999-Rogan Josh: Turquoise, white hoops
1998-Jezabeel: Dark green, gold chevron
1997-Might And Power: White, grey sash, pink striped sleeves, grey cap.
1996-Saintly: Black & white check, yellow sleeves, black & white checked cap.
1995-Doriemus: Dark blue, pink hoops, quartered cap.
1994-Jeune: Royal blue, white epaulettes, striped cap.
1993-Vintage Crop: Yellow, royal blue epaulettes, yellow cap, royal blue star.
1992-Subzero: Red, purple sash, white sleeves, purple cap.
1991-Let’s Elope: Green and gold diagonal stripes, white cap.
1990-Kingston Rule: Yellow, red striped sleeves & cap.
1989-Tawrrific: Pale blue, yellow check, red cap.
1988-Empire Rose: Yellow, black band, red striped sleeves.
1987-Kensei: Red, green sleeves.
1986-At Talaq: Royal blue, white epaulette and striped cap.
1985-What A Nuisance: Navy blue, white armbands and cap.
1984-Black Knight: Maroon, white Maltese cross and cap.
1983-Kiwi: Royal blue, white crossed sashes, red armbands, light blue cap.
1982-Gurner’s Lane: Dark blue, gold armbands and cap.
1981-Just A Dash: Dark blue, green stripes.
1980-Beldale Ball: Green, royal blue sleeves, red cap with green spots.
1979-Hyperno: Pink, lime green and navy blue striped sleeves, lime green cap.
1978-Arwon: White, red halves, blue sash and cap.
1977-Gold And Black: Gold and black hoops, black cap.
1976-Van Der Hum: Cerise, green diagonal stripes, armbands and cap.
1975-Think Big: Green, gold diagonal stripes, red sleeves and cap.
1974-Think Big: Green and gold diagonal stripes, white cap.
1973-Gala Supreme: Aqua, black and white diamonds.
1972-Piping Lane: Yellow, orange spots.
1971-Silver Knight: Pink and cherry checks, cherry sleeves and cap.
1970-Baghdad Note: Emerald green, white striped sleeves.
1969-Rain Lover: Gold, white spots and gold cap.
1968-Rain Lover: Gold, white spots and gold cap.
1967-Red Handed: Green and gold diagonal stripes, white cap.
1966-Galilee: Gold, red hoops, black sleeves.
1965-Light Fingers: White, Royal blue spots and cap.
1964-Polo Prince: Gold, emerald green, hooped sleeves and cap.
*1963-Gatum Gatum: Gold, red cap.
*1963 Gatum Gatum’s colors appeared in race books as All Gold. His jockey wore a red cap to distinguish Gatum Gatum from Coppelius whose colors were All Yellow.
1962-Even Stevens: Gold, green band, red cap.
1961-Lord Fury: Orange and green stripes, red cap.
1960-Hi Jinx: Maroon, light blue diamonds, armbands and cap.
1959-Macdougal: White, pale blue, Maltese cross, lilac cap.
1958-Baystone: Dark blue and lilac stripes, red cap.
1957-Straight Draw: Red and yellow quarters, red sleeves and cap.
1956-Evening Peal: Black, white Maltese cross and cap.
1955-Toparoa: Dark blue, orange stars and sleeves, dark blue armbands.
1954-Rising Fast: Blue, black sleeves, gold armbands and cap.
1953-Wodalla: Red and white diamonds, red sleeves and cap.
1952-Dalray: Light blue, white sleeves, dark blue armbands and cap.
1951-Delta: Brown and dark blue hoops, red cap.
1950-Comic Court: Dark blue and white diamonds, red sleeves and cap.
1949-Foxzami: Purple, white Maltese cross, red cap.
1948-Rimfire: White, blue sleeves, red cap.
1947-Hiraji: Red and white check, red cap.
1946-Russia: Red, brown sash, black cap.
1945-Rainbird: Gold, white spots and gold cap.
1944-Sirius: Cream, blue sleeves and cap.
1943-Dark Felt: Pink, black bands and cap.
1942-Colonus: Yellow, green spots, red cap.
1941-Skipton: Grey, green band, black cap.
1940-Old Rowley: Orange, white sash, red cap.
1939-Rivette: Black, rose diamonds and cap.
1938-Catalogue: Cerise, gold spots and cap.
1937-The Trump: Green, pink sash, red cap.
1936-Wotan: Pale blue, gold collar, cuffs and cap.
1935-Marabou: Royal blue and white stripes, yellow sleeves and cap.
1934-Peter Pan: Orange and green hoops, green cap.
1933-Hall Mark: Gold, green sleeves and cap.
1932-Peter Pan: Orange and green hoops, orange cap.
1931-White Nose: McLachlan tartan, white sash.
1930-Phar Lap: Red, black and white hooped sleeves.
1929-Nightmarch: Purple, gold spots, purple sleeves and cap.
1928-Statesman: Red, black sleeves, white armbands and cap.
1927-Trivalve: Light blue, pink sleeves and cap.
1926-Spearfelt: Black and white diamonds, black cap.
1925-Windbag: Pale blue, black diamond and sleeves, yellow cap.
1924-Backwood: White, purple seams, red cap.
1923-Bitalli: Royal blue and white hoops, red cap.
1922-King Ingoda: Royal blue, pink sash.
1921-Sister Olive: White, red sash and cap.
1920-Poitrel: Yellow, white sleeves, black cap.
1919-Artilleryman: Grey, red sash.
1918-Night Watch: Black, pink sleeves, white cap.
1917-Westcourt: Orange, green sash and cap.
1916-Sasanof: Yellow, black cap.
1915-Patrobas: All rose pink.
1914-Kingsburgh: White, orange braces, collar, two armbands edged with black, orange cap.
1913-Posinatus: Lilac, white sleeves, red armbands and cap.
1912-Piastre: White, purple sleeves, red cap.
1911-The Parisian: Blue, gold armbands and cap.
1910-Comedy King: Black and white squares, red sleeves and cap.
1909-Prince Foote: Pale blue, yellow sleeves, black cap.
1908-Lord Nolan: Black, blue sash and cap.
1907-Apologue: Red, black sash, yellow sleeves and cap.
1906-Poseidon: All purple.
1905-Blue Spec: Scarlet, white sash and cap.
1904-Acrasia: Violet and gold stripes, violet cap.
1903-Lord Cardigan: Black, pale blue sash and cap.
1902-The Victory: Lavender, rose sleeves, collar and cap.
1901-Revenue: Black, rose sleeves, white cap.
1900-Clean Sweep: White, blue sleeves and cap.
1899-Merriwee: Brown, white cap.
1898-The Grafter: Crimson, white sleeves and cap.
1897-Gaulus: Crimson, white sleeves and cap.
1896-Newhaven: Yellow and black diamonds.
1895-Auraria: Blue, canary sleeves, red cap.
1894-Patron: Black, red seams and cap.
1893-Tarcoola: Blue, gold spots and cap.
1892-Glenloth: Black and red hoops, black cap.
1891-Malvolio: Blue, black hoops.
1890-Carbine: Black, white sleeves, scarlet cap.
1889-Bravo: Yellow and black diamonds.
1888-Mentor: Black, white sleeves, scarlet cap.
1887-Dunlop: Red, black sleeves and cap.
1886-Arsenal: Maroon and cream stripes.
1885-Sheet Anchor: White, green stripes, red cap.
1884-Malua: Blue, crimson sash, blue cap.
1883-Martini-Henry: Blue, white sleeves, blue and white cap.
1882-The Assyrian: Black, gold sash, rose sleeves, white cap.
1881-Zulu: Blue and white.
1880-Grand Flaneur: White, black sleeves and cap.
1879-Darriwell: Black, canary sleeves and cap.
1878-Calamia: All black.
1877-Chester: Light blue, white sleeves, blue and white cap.
1876-Briseis: Black jacket, white cap.
1875-Wollomai: Grey and gold.
1874-Haricot: Blue jacket, black cap.
1873-Don Juan: Black, white cap.
1872-The Quack: Canary, black cap.
1871-The Pearl: Canary, black cap.
1870-Nimblefoot: Violet jacket, black armbands.
1869-Warrior: Silver and black, scarlet cap.
1868-Glencoe: Canary, black cap.
1867-Tim Whiffler: All black.
1866-The Barb: Canary, black cap.
1865-Toryboy: White, yellow sleeves, black cap.
1864-Lantern: Rose and black stripes, black cap.
1863-Banker: Lavender, white sleeves.
1862-Archer: All black.
1861-Archer: All black.